Naturally Scrumptious Freeze-Dried Turkey & Salmon Feast

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Naturally Scrumptious<sup>™</sup> <span>Freeze-Dried Turkey & Salmon Feast</span>


Naturally Scrumptious Freeze-Dried Turkey & Salmon Feast

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90 Day Better-Than-100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not thrilled with Naturally Scrumptious, simply return the package within 90 days and we will provide a full refund – plus, we will still make our donation to help feed shelter dogs, as we do with every purchase!

An Innovative and Complete Food

And It's Delicious!

Naturally Scrumptious Freeze-Dried Turkey & Salmon Feast is an innovative and complete food, designed specifically to support a dog’s health over its full lifespan… and with a tasty flavor that dogs love!

Dogs need ample protein, so a full 90% of Naturally Scrumptious consists of turkey and salmon, to provide an optimum combination of high quality lean proteins and healthy omega fatty acids.

We then add ten wholesome, natural superfoods, all carefully chosen to provide a rich blend of the critical nutrients necessary to support optimum health.

Most importantly, we combine all of these ingredients with our meticulous, gentle freeze-drying process. This avoids the high heat, high pressure cooking used in the manufacturing of most dog food.

Our freeze-drying process locks in the natural flavor and nutrition of the raw ingredients, so we don’t need to add any artificial chemicals to preserve, flavor, or supplement our food.

Every single ingredient is present in its raw, unprocessed state, creating a food that is as mouth-wateringly delicious for your dog as it is nutritionally complete.

Naturally Scrumptious provides your dog the vital nutrition they need in a healthy, bioavailable form as close as possible to what nature designed for them to seek out and thrive on.

It’s the food your dog was designed to eat!

  • Complete and balanced diet for all ages and breeds
  • Formulated by veterinarians (and loved by dogs!)
  • Whole meat ingredients with organ & bone
  • No added hormones or antibiotics
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No fillers, grain, gluten, soy, or corn
  • Completely sourced, manufactured, and packaged in the USA
  • Easy to feed – serve as-is, or add water


To create Naturally Scrumptious, we carefully source every ingredient to ensure that only the highest quality proteins, fruit, vegetables, and other nutrients are included in the food. Each ingredient is totally natural, and purposefully chosen for its distinct nutritional benefits.

Free-Run, Farm-Raised Turkey

Rich in vital amino acids and B vitamins, while low in calories and fat, turkey is a healthy and tasty source of protein

Wild-Caught Salmon

Salmon provides a wealth of lean protein, vitamin D, and omega fatty acids which can reduce inflammation, improve brain function, and help to improve skin and coat health

Strawberry & Pineapple

These fruits are loaded with vitamin C and anti-oxidants that can help boost immune function and reduce the effects of aging, along with digestive enzymes that can improve your dog’s absorption of other nutrients

Broccoli, Carrot, & Kelp

Incredible superfoods that are packed with vitamin A, beta carotene, calcium, and many other vitamins and minerals for essential organ function

Pumpkin Seed, Beet Pulp, & Ginger

Among other benefits, these are healthy sources of fiber, which can improve digestion and stool odor

Bone Broth

Amps up the rich, meaty flavor of your dog’s meal, and provides a natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin, and collagen associated with improved joint function

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein (minimum) 47%
  • Crude Fat (minimum) 28%
  • Crude Fiber (maximum) 2%
  • Moisture (maximum) 8%

Calorie content (calculated):

  • 4371 kcal per kilogram
  • 124 kcal per ounce

Feeding Guidelines

Naturally Scrumptious Freeze-Dried Turkey & Salmon Feast is a complete and balanced diet for your dog. Or, it may be used as a topper to supercharge the taste and nutrient content of your dog’s regular food.

Naturally Scrumptious can be served as is, or rehydrated by adding water. To rehydrate, add approximately 2 tablespoons of warm water (not to exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit) for every cup of food, and stir until combined. Be sure your dog always has ample fresh water.

Please feed according to the Daily Feeding Guidelines table (measurements are without the addition of water). Optimal feeding amounts vary based on a dog’s age, breed, size, and activity level.

The daily amount can be divided among multiple meals. For puppies or pregnant or nursing dogs, feed up to double the daily recommended amount.

Canine Sciences Naturally Scrumptious Freeze-Dried Turkey & Salmon Feast is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages of dogs.

Daily Feeding Guidelines

Dog Weight Daily Feeding Amount
Up to 5 pounds ¼ - ¾ cup
6 - 15 pounds 1 - 2 ¼ cups
16 - 25 pounds 2 ¼ - 2 ¾ cups
26 - 40 pounds 2 ¾ - 4 ¼ cups
41 - 60 pounds 4 ¼ - 5 ¾ cups
61 - 80 pounds 5 ¾ - 7 ¼ cups
81 - 100 pounds 7 ¼ - 8 ¾ cups
Over 100 pounds 8 ¾ cups + 1 cup for each additional 20 pounds

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Naturally Scrumptious a meal, a treat, or a topper for other food?

Yes to all of the above! Naturally Scrumptious is designed to be a complete and balanced meal… but there’s nothing stopping you from also using it as a healthy treat to reward your dog! And, it can also be used as a topper, sprinkled atop other dog food to supercharge the taste and nutrition your dog is getting!

Why is Nutrient Heaven superior to other treats?

Most treats are predominantly carbohydrates – the equivalent of cookies or crackers for your dog - and these are lacking in nutrient content. Recently, single-ingredient protein treats have become more popular, and they are healthier than carbohydrate treats.

However, Nutrient Heaven goes a step further to combine a healthy protein – duck – with three superfoods (sweet potato, blackberry and kale) – so that your dog gets not only the protein they need but also a robust mix of vitamins and minerals. In addition to the superior ingredient mix, we also use an advanced freeze drying process which provides more of the original nutrients from those ingredients than other forms of manufacturing.

What ages and breeds of dogs should eat Naturally Scrumptious?

Naturally Scrumptious is designed to be appropriate for all breeds and all ages of dogs. In the language of AAFCO (the Association of American Feed Control Officials, which regulates the distribution of food to animals), the ingredients and nutrient mix within Naturally Scrumptious make it appropriate for ‘all life stages.’

What exactly is freeze drying? How is freeze-dried different from frozen?

Frozen food is simply food that has been cooled to below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but frozen food will spoil soon after it is un-frozen. Freeze drying is a process that removes the water and moisture from the original ingredients in the food. The removal of all that moisture stops the biological decay in the food, so that the food can be safely stored without the need for any refrigeration.

How do we freeze dry the food?

Our freeze-drying process works by combining and gradually freezing all of the ingredients in the food, within a vacuum chamber. Because of the low pressure within the vacuum changer, the water in the food turns from ice into vapor, and that vapor separates from the food. The remaining food is essentially identical to how it was before - but with all of the water removed.

Why is freeze drying a good idea?

Most dog food companies use high heat and high pressure to manufacture their food, but this can ‘cook out’ some of the nutrients in the original ingredients. Freeze-drying is a way to preserve the natural nutrients and flavors of the ingredients, which maximizes the nutritional content and the taste of the food. Freeze-drying preserves the integrity of the food, and allows dogs to eat a minimally processed, nutrient-rich diet.

Are the ingredients in Naturally Scrumptious still considered raw? Is that safe for my dog?

Yes. We take the raw ingredients – both the proteins and all of the fruits, vegetables and other nutrients – and we freeze dry them in that state. And yes, raw food – assuming it is of high quality - is considered perfectly safe. If you think about dogs historically in nature, raw food was exactly what they ate – whether that food consisted of prey that the dogs caught, or berries or other foods that the dogs found.

Do I need to add water to Naturally Scrumptious before feeding?

No, you can feed your dog Naturally Scrumptious as is. Just be sure your dog has plenty of fresh water to drink. You can also choose to rehydrate the food – it just takes a minute or two and some dogs prefer a moist, softer food.

How much do I feed Naturally Scrumptious my dog?

The amount is based on your dog’s size – take a look at our feeding guidelines chart. Please note that these are guidelines only, and different dogs have different requirements based on their activity level, breed, and age. We recommend starting with the feeding guidelines, and adjust as necessary so your dog reaches its ideal weight.

My dog is a picky eater… will my dog like the taste?

Most dogs love the natural flavors of Naturally Scrumptious! Turkey is a predominant flavor and most dogs like turkey. All of the other ingredients in Naturally Scrumptious were likewise chosen based on their flavor profile as well as their nutrient content. Plus, most dogs love raw food – it is what their ancestors ate in nature and what they naturally crave!

My dog has allergies… is Naturally Scrumptious hypoallergenic?

We selected the ingredients in Naturally Scrumptious very carefully, and it is rare that a dog will be allergic to the primary proteins (turkey and salmon) we use, or to any of the other ingredients. But, if you know your dog has an allergy, check the full ingredients list to make sure that there won’t be any issue.

Where is Naturally Scrumptious manufactured?

Naturally Scrumptious is manufactured at an FDA-approved facility in the United States that has received the stringent GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certification. That means the facility undergoes regular, ongoing audits to ensure that all relevant health and safety processes are being adhered to, both to ensure the health of the people working on site, and to ensure that the food being produced is of the highest quality.

What quality control processes are in place?

Every ingredient is tested for purity prior to its introduction in the product. Additionally, after Naturally Scrumptious has been created, it goes through careful product quality and safety testing. We care deeply about the health of dogs, and we want to create the best product possible for them!

Is Naturally Scrumptious approved by veterinarians?

The formula and manufacturing process for Naturally Scrumptious has been developed in concert with multiple veterinarians, including Dr. Edward Tuk, and every ingredient within the formula has been selected based on scientific research into its nutritional value. Additionally, every ingredient within Naturally Scrumptious is within the approved ingredient list developed by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), a membership association of federal, state and local agencies charged by law to regulate the sale and distribution of food and drugs to animals. Of course, we always recommend consulting with your veterinarian before beginning any new supplement or food.

How should I switch to Naturally Scrumptious from another food?

It’s always a good idea to transition to a new food gradually. We suggest starting with a mix of roughly 20% of Naturally Scrumptious and 80% of the current food, and gradually increasing the percentage of Naturally Scrumptious over the next 7-10 days.

Why is Naturally Scrumptious more expensive than some other kinds of dog food?

We actually think Naturally Scrumptious is quite reasonably priced, given the quality of the food. All of the ingredients are carefully sourced in the United States and are of the highest quality, from the free-run, farm-raised turkey to the wild-caught salmon to the fresh fruits and vegetables. We use whole meats, no by-products, and unlike most food, Naturally Scrumptious does not have any fillers of any kind. Additionally, because our freeze drying process eliminates almost 100% of the moisture and water weight, Naturally Scrumptious is a very nutritionally dense food. As a result, a small quantity of Naturally Scrumptious is nutritionally equivalent to an often much larger portion of other foods. So it may appear more expensive than alternative dog food, but it packs a much larger nutritional punch! And in any case our goal was to produce the world’s healthiest dog food – not the least expensive.

What if the product doesn’t work for me? Is there a guarantee?

We stand 100% behind our product. Every purchase you make is backed by our hassle-free, 90 day Better-than-100% Money Back Guarantee. If you or your dog are not loving Naturally Scrumptious, simply send us back the empty bag(s) and we will give you a full refund - plus, we will still make our donation to help feed shelter dogs, as we do with every purchase.

What if I have other questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us! You can reach us by phone at 855-4CANINE, or by email –

We’re so confident that your dog will love Naturally Scrumptious, that you can try it completely risk-free. Our industry-leading, 90 day Better-Than-100% Money Back Guarantee means that if you or your dog aren’t thrilled with Naturally Scrumptious, simply return the package within 90 days and we will provide a full refund. Plus, we will still make our donation to help feed shelter dogs, as we do with every purchase. We're on a mission to improve the health and happiness of dogs everywhere!

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