How Your Order Helps Feed Shelter Dogs

Canine Sciences' goal is to help every dog, everywhere, have access to the good nutrition they need to live happy, healthy lives. That's a big job, but the toughest part isn't reaching dog owners like you - it's helping those dogs who are in shelters still waiting to find someone like you to care for them.

Rescue shelters are fantastic organizations that do so much to protect and care for the dogs who need it the most. But unfortunately, most dog shelters rely on donations, and barely have the resources they need, forcing them to provide only the lowest quality and most affordable foods to the dogs in their care. That poor diet is hard enough on healthy dogs, and it's even worse for those animals suffering from illnesses, allergies, or other dietary restrictions.

We know that if it was your future four-legged best friend cooped in a shelter, you'd want someone to look out for them until you meet them and change their life. That's why Canine Sciences takes a portion of every single order you place and uses it to help.

Each quarter, we work with our local shelters to identify the foods they need, and use a part of our profits to either provide them with bags of our own super healthy Naturally Scrumptious Freeze-Dried Raw diet, or with another high-quality or specialized diet of their choosing - whatever it is their dogs need the most.

That's why we're so grateful to customers like you - because your mission to provide your own dog with the delicious, healthy nutrition they want and need the most, helps us fulfill our mission of doing the same for dogs everywhere!

If there is a shelter in your area which you think could use a hand, feel free to let us know! We're always ready to help dogs in need.