Your Dog's Diet, and What's Most Important in These Turbulent Times

By Dr. Edward Tuk, DVM

April 5th, 2020

  Dog Nutrition & Health

Dr. Edward Tuk, DVM

Dr. Tuk is an award-winning veterinarian and author of three books on canine nutrition.

We are living in crazy times.

Nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen with the virus spreading across the globe.
But what has become clear during a time like this, is that two things matter above all else: our own health, and the health and well-being of those we love and care about.
And when I talk about the well-being of those we love and care about most, that of course includes our dogs.
As a veterinarian, it’s my job every day to help dogs live long and healthy lives.
And I love doing it, because I love dogs!
But would you believe that you can probably do more for your dog’s health than I or any other veterinarian can?
It’s true, because the best thing you can do for your dog’s health is to get them the right nutrition.
That sounds obvious, and simple – yet millions of dog lovers have no idea that their dogs are NOT getting the nutrition they need for optimum health.
Why not?
Many of my clients assume that because they buy premium dog food, their dogs are getting the right nutrition.

But does your dog ever have bad breath, mushy or stinky poop, or gas? Are they a little heavier than they used to be? Is their coat a little less shiny?
These issues all can be a result of a dog’s diet.

What Most Dogs Eat

The sad truth is that most commercial dog food is not very healthy for our dogs.

Collectively, we spend over $30 billion per year on dog food in the United States alone. It’s an enormous industry. So it’s no surprise that commercial dog food manufacturers spend millions of dollars on marketing.
And the marketing – right down to the packaging on the box or bag or can - makes it seem like the food is very nutritious.
But most dog food is designed to have a long shelf life -- 2 or 3 years. And to do that, the manufacturers have to use an extremely high-temperature, high-pressure cooking process.
That process can introduce some potentially harmful elements into the food, including maillard reaction products and advanced glycation end products, which can cause inflammation and other problems.
Plus, manufacturers often add one or more preservatives, such as ethoxyquin, which is not allowed in some countries and has been shown to be potentially toxic in high doses.
Even if we ignore those potentially harmful ingredients, when you take healthy meats and other ingredients but cook them at extremely high heat and pressure the way the manufacturers do, you’re essentially cooking out a lot of the good stuff that was in the original ingredients.

The Evidence

This isn’t just my opinion as a veterinarian. Scientific research is steadily proving the link between what dogs eat and their health outcomes.
For example, in a study of several hundred Scottish terriers, researchers found that the dogs that ate the most yellow and green vegetables, had a 70% to 90% lower risk of getting cancer than the dogs that ate the least amount of those vegetables.
A 70% to 90% lower risk of getting cancer - based entirely on their diet!

Is A Raw Diet The Answer?

So, how should you feed your dogs, to give them the best nutrition and the best chance of a long and healthy life?
In theory, the answer is simple. Dogs should get lots of fresh healthy protein, and a generous portion of fruits and vegetables to provide the nutrients needed for optimum health.
But not many people take the time to cook and prepare nutritionally balanced meals for their dogs.
One option that a growing number of dog owners are choosing is a raw diet. A raw diet for dogs consists primarily of fresh meat, such as chicken or beef.
A raw diet usually provides plenty of healthy protein, and I believe it can be significantly healthier than kibble or canned commercial dog food.
(Note that if you do choose to put your dog on a raw diet, please don’t just buy raw meat produced for humans – that meat is sold with the expectation it will be cooked, and it could contain harmful pathogens - so that meat is safer cooked than raw. By contrast, the raw meat in commercial raw dog diets has usually been treated in a way that kills most pathogens, so it's generally safer for your dog.)
However, a raw diet is not perfect. A raw diet can get expensive. And unless it is supplemented by an appropriate mix of fruits and vegetables, it still may not provide your dog a nutritionally balanced and complete diet.

What I Recommend

I’d like to propose two solutions for you.
One suggestion takes a little work; the other suggestion is easy but costs a bit of money. Both are great for your dog.
Suggestion #1
The first suggestion is to start making food for your dog, instead of just relying on commercial dog food.  
Everybody knows that it’s easy to buy canned food or kibble, and I’m not saying you have to stop doing that. But once or twice a week, cook your dog a fresh meal – just like you might cook for yourself or your family.
It’s not that difficult to prepare a healthy meal for your dog.  
And to help you try this if you haven’t already, I’m giving away a free copy of one of my books – ‘Healthy Home-Cooked Meals For Your Dog’.
The book includes 15 healthy and easy to make recipes, and I’m providing it to you for free because I want to do everything I can to help people keep their dogs healthy.
As I mentioned, these days our health - and the health of our loved ones - is more important than ever.
Suggestion #2
My second suggestion - regardless of whether you are preparing meals for your dog, have your dog on a raw food diet, or are buying commercial dog food - is a nutritional supplement called Radiant Canine.
Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of Radiant Canine in part because I am on the team of veterinarians and nutritional scientists who developed Radiant Canine. ☺
But let me tell you a little bit about why I love it so much.
First, it makes it really easy for you to ensure that your dog gets the nutrition they need. There are no pills, and no liquids you need to get your dog to swallow – just a simple powder that you sprinkle in with your dog’s food – whether that’s wet food, dry food, home-cooked, raw, or whatever you feed your dog.
Dogs love it, because it has a delicious bacon flavor.
And, what’s even more important is what’s in Radiant Canine.

Why I Love Radiant Canine

It’s an amazing blend of over 45 ingredients – everything we know about how to optimize a dog’s diet and health.
With all of the nutrition we packed into this formula, we easily could have created several different products -- one product designed to improve your dog’s coat and skin health, another to support healthy joints, another for digestive health, and another providing a mix of vitamins and minerals.
We wanted to make it as easy as possible for every dog to get the right nutrients to help with all of these areas of health. Instead of four or five different products, we wanted Radiant Canine to be a single, comprehensive nutritional supplement – the first Full-Spectrum Canine Nutritional Supplement for your dog on the market.  
We like to say that if your dog were a nutritional scientist, this is what he or she would ask for. :)
Every ingredient in Radiant Canine is selected based on extensive research into nutrition and our dogs’ health.  
We started with extracts from superfoods that are packed with nutrition – things like kelp and flaxseed – that are great for dogs. We’ve included fish oil which is rich in omega-3s. Omega-3s have been shown to provide many benefits: improved coat and skin, reduced inflammation, improved cognitive function, lower blood pressure, and even alleviation of joint pain.
And we included digestive enzymes, including four probiotic strains, four digestive enzymes, and one prebiotic. Digestive enzymes can help dogs break down their food, to support proper digestion and a healthy immune system. If your dog ever has bad breath, or mushy or very stinky poop, these are classic signs of gastrointestinal issues. I see this all the time in my clinic, and a blend of probiotics and enzymes can help.
Joint pain is another common issue as dogs get older. If your dog is limping a bit, or just not moving as well as they once did, their joints may be the underlying cause. Radiant Canine includes two powerful compounds to help support healthy joins, plus four protein building blocks.
And we’ve included a carefully selected array of vitamins, minerals, and herbs.  
Most humans don’t get nutrition this good!
Imagine if we humans always ate an amazingly nutritious diet with lots of superfoods, large servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of vitamins and minerals, all the protein we need, all in the right proportions… You can bet we’d feel a lot better than if we ate kibble or canned food most of the time!

Hear about Anne's Experience with Radiant Canine:

About six months ago we adopted a senior Mastiff, named Sophie. A happy dog by nature, she is basically a 115 pound lap dog, and usually spends most of her time sleeping. We assumed her lack of energy was due to her age. We stumbled upon Radiant Canine, and tried it, hoping it would make her feel more energetic. Within a few days of starting the supplement, she had more energy than we had ever seen. She started playfully bouncing around like a puppy, grabbing her toys that she previously just sniffed at, and squeezing them hard until they squeaked! She then began carrying them all over the house! This is one product that really does make a difference in how she feels! We sprinkle it on her food in the evenings, and she usually licks it off the food before she eats it, so she definitely likes it! I am very happy we found this product!

-Anne M.

Our Special Introductory Offer:

Over the years in my clinic, I’ve seen firsthand that dogs who get optimal nutrition have healthier skin and coats, have better smelling breath and stool, are in overall better health, and just seem younger and happier.
We are introducing Radiant Canine to as many new customers as we can, so that more people are able to get their dogs the nutrition they need for optimum health.
I can say from experience that many costly health issues that dogs have in their later years could probably have been avoided by simply providing them proper nutrition. By the time we diagnose a problem at the veterinary office, the issue has often been developing over a period of years.
The standard price for Radiant Canine is $69 per jar, but to help as many people and dogs as we can, we’re offering a special introductory price of just $49 – a savings of $20 and about 30% off the normal price.  
And if you buy more than one jar, you get an additional discount – with pricing as little as $1.39 per day.  
Would you spend that much on your dog if you knew that it would be helpful to their health? I sure would – particularly when you compare that to how much money people spend on veterinary bills, or expensive medical treatments.  
I always think of that study that showed that dogs that ate the most vegetables were an astounding 70 to 90% less likely to get cancer.
Good nutrition really is that important.

See what Lisa said about Radiant Canine:

Such a wonderful product... My dogs have been eating it with their food and they seem happier and perkier!

-Lisa T.

Our Unmatched Guarantee

We developed Radiant Canine to help dog lovers everywhere help their furry best friends get the optimum nutrition they need to thrive.
We are so confident that you and your dog will love Radiant Canine, that we back every jar with a 90-day, better than 100% money-back guarantee.
That means you can try it completely risk-free, and if you’re not seeing the benefits, just send the jars back for a full, no hassle, refund.
But our guarantee is even better than that.
As a company, we are totally committed to the health and well-being of dogs everywhere. That is why, with every purchase of Radiant Canine, we make a donation to feed shelter dogs.  
We want our customers to know that not only are they helping their dogs, but other dogs as well – including dogs who are much less fortunate than our own.
And if you try Radiant Canine and you’re not thrilled with the product, we will still make a donation to feed shelter dogs based on your purchase, even though we will refund 100% of what you paid. 
That’s how much we believe in our cause and in our product.
As a veterinarian, I’ve spent many years, and I will spend many more, dedicated to improving the health of our pets. I have never endorsed or promoted a product before. If I didn’t believe strongly in the importance of nutrition or in the ability of Radiant Canine to help dogs to truly thrive, I wouldn’t be doing this now.
In times like this, we should be treasuring our furry best friends. They bring us love and comfort, in the best and the worst of times. We know our dogs would do almost anything for us, and it feels so good when we know we’re doing a good thing for them.  
So please try making a few fresh healthy meals for your pup.
And I encourage you to try Radiant Canine, completely risk-free. You’ll be glad you did.
I wish you and your dogs the best of health and happiness!

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