Are These Ingredients Hiding In Your Dog’s Kibble?

PLUS: the secret to a longer, healthier life.
What if your dog could stay young forever?

now it sounds like science fiction, but it’s science that has revealed an opportunity for dedicated pet owners to extend their canine’s healthy life.

If you choose to read on you will discover 12 dog food ingredients you absolutely need to avoid, 4 warning signs your dog is aging too fast, and a 4 step protocol to optimize your dog’s health from the inside out.

Wouldn’t it mean the world to you if your dog didn’t have to suffer? And they could avoid bad hips, achy joints, low energy, poor digestion, and mood changes.

Plus with this information you can save $1000s on vet bills!

DISCLAIMER: This protocol and diagnostic formula is NOT claiming to be a “fountain of youth” or cure all. But it’s the best science-based approach available to us today. In fact, it’s decades ahead of most vets you’ll see.

My name is Dr. Tuk

I’ve been a veterinarian for the last two decades.

And I’ve dedicated my life to extending the healthy years of both my own and the dogs I see on a regular basis. Now it’s time I broadcast this message to you.

It’s the same diagnostic tools and scientific protocols I share with all the pet owners that come into my practice.

It’ll just be like you’re sitting in my office, except this information is free of charge to you. Because I need this information to spread through the world.

My fusion of science-based and holistic approaches are the most cutting edge and up to date to afford your dog a healthier, happier, longer life.


  • What if you could change one simple thing in your dog’s diet to extend their youthful life?
  • What if they could play like a puppy forever?
  • What if the health of their hips and joints could last a lifetime?
Is it possible for your dog to stay healthy and have energy like a puppy, even when they’re over 10?

Your dog might live to 10, 12, or 19. But what matters is the years they live happy and healthy.

That means NO digestive issues, NO joint pain, NO allergies, and NO hot spots.

This is called your dog’s healthspan.

Unlike lifespan, healthspan focuses on the time your dog lives free from disease.

  • So they can avoid hip, joint, and digestive problems.
  • So they have endless energy like they’re a puppy again
  • So you don’t have to spend years watching them turn into a cranky old geezer.
  • So you can AVOID expensive pet bills!!
And so their life can look something like this:
Lifespan & healthspan

If you read till the end you’ll also discover:

12 Ingredients that should never be in your dog’s diet.

The root cause of bad hips and joints.

The secret to a soft beautiful coat that can happen almost overnight


Are Hidden Gut Issues Making Your Dog Age Faster?

Modern times have come with modern problems.

And science has caught up to understand how these modern problems are affecting us. Why some age gracefully, and others age quickly. Why we experience joint pain, stomach upset, poor sleep, and more.

It’s called leaky gut.

...and dogs can get it too.

A dog with a healthy gut has closed tight junctions, that don’t allow food particles, chemicals, or toxins to enter the bloodstream. Tight junctions act like glue to marry two cells together creating a barrier, like a castle wall. They block microscopic pieces of poop from leaking into their body.

A dog with an inflamed gut has tight junctions that break apart, allowing microscopic pieces of poop to leak into their bloodstream. As you can probably guess, this causes an immune response and inflammation all around their body.

This inflammation can manifest itself in different ways depending on the dog and breed. But there are 3 common leaky gut warning signs that informed dog owners notice.

How Do You Know Your Dog Has Leaky Gut?


Do you notice your dog itching a lot, but when you check for fleas...they’re not there? Itching, bald patches, sneezing, indigestion, are common signs of a digestive problem.


he mouth is the first part of the digestive system. And when things aren’t right it smells. Dog parents often assume they need to brush their teeth but if it keeps coming back there’s another culprit -- their microbiome.


Remember the first day with your dog? Do you remember how soft and shiny their coat was? It should remain that way over the vast majority of their life. If they shed a lot, have dry hair, or it looks “dull,” their body is telling you something.

Yes, while these symptoms don’t sound “horrible” more serious health conditions can happen if they go unnoticed. And the last thing we want as dog parents is for our pets to suffer.

Leaky gut can go under-the-radar. And it can happen for a number of reasons. But now you’ve been armed with information that will help you spot when leaky gut might be affecting your dog’s health.

In fact, because leaky gut will cause full-body inflammation, it’s often a big culprit behind hip and joint problems too.

Unfortunately, most dog owners treat the symptoms and not the cause.

What Actually Causes Leaky Gut?

You know dogs can’t eat just like humans right? Sneezing, indigestion, are common signs of a digestive problem.

Dogs are primarily carnivores.

And the bottom of their food pyramid isn’t bread, rice, and grains.

So when most dog foods contain grains (yes, even whole grains) and other unfamiliar foods to their microbiome, it’s tough on their stomach. Because they simply don’t have the enzymes to support complete and smooth digestion.

That’s when the symptoms start showing up.

Naturally dogs eat RAW.

When food is raw it contains the enzymes necessary to help digest those foods. Unfortunately, very few dog owners feed their dogs only uncooked food, due to cost, sanitation, or other reasons., So they’re left with kibble or canned food that is cooked at high temperatures, which can destroy some of the enzymes necessary to properly break down those foods.

That’s when the symptoms start showing up.

Hidden ingredients in kibble and wet food can act as toxins to your dog’s intestines.

Major pet food companies are caught “forgetting” ingredients on the ingredient label. It’s hard enough for dog owners to know what ingredients ON the label are healthy. Obviously, to them, business is business. And organic ingredients will cut into their profits.

Modern World Toxins And Stressful Environment

CNN’s series “Toxic America” revealed 1000s of chemicals that have entered our food and water supply just over the last few years that haven’t even passed through regulation.

The regulations just can’t keep up with these new lab created chemicals. And they are saturating everything from the food supply starting with soil, to the air with pollution, to our water.


Lawsuits like this one make you really question, “What’s really in my dog’s food?”

Purina and Blue Buffalo settle lawsuits after two years.

The companies reached a mutually agreeable settlement of pending lawsuits.

It can make even the most diligent dog owners like you feel, well, powerless.

well, powerless.
Here are just a few toxic ingredients that can wreak havoc on your dog’s stomach without the right support:
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Food dyes
  • Soy
  • Rendered fat
  • Garlic
  • Tapioca
  • BHA / BHT
  • Natural flavor
  • Propylene glycol
  • “Meal”
  • Sodium selenite

How Does Leaky Gut Have Anything To Do With Aging?

In 399 BC the Greek philosopher Socrates proclaimed:

“All Disease Begins in the Gut.”

And while a healthy gut isn’t the fountain of youth that will completely stop your dog from aging, it’s the next best thing. Because a healthy gut will allow your pup to age gracefully.

So they both act and feel YEARS younger. No matter if they are 12 months or 12 years old. Isn’t that what you want for them?

So if you want to extend your best friend’s healthy years, focus on their gut health. And follow these 4 simple steps...

Protect Your Dog Against Leaky Gut And Make Them Feel Like A Pup Again In Just 4 Steps


  • Check your food labels for the hidden ingredients we mentioned above, and if necessary swap to a healthier option.
  • If you’re already using high-quality dog food with zero additives and none of these potentially toxic ingredients, move to the next step!


  • Make sure your dog is getting digestive enzymes and other gut supporting herbs to protect their gut lining from further damage.
  • Include amino acids like taurine in their diet to support bile salt production which helps break down and digest fats1.


  • The right mix of pre and probiotic strains of digestive enzymes can help to rebalance their gut microbiome. But without supporting the “terrain” (gut lining) these probiotics won’t stick. This is why many probiotics “don’t work”. They just can’t stick.


  • Supplement your dog’s diet with restorative nutrients like L-glutamine, zinc, and fish oil that will add a bulletproof layer to protect against bad bacteria, worms, and other harmful ingredients
“This looks way too complicated”

Now, I bet this sounds like a lot of work, and a ton of money. But can you imagine the changes in your best friend’s health, mood, and energy?

Plus, imagine how much you’ll save on vet visits!

That’s why our team of scientists went to work and created an all-in-one digestive supplement to support healthy aging and get that pep back in your dog’s step.

We’re just now introducing our ‘team of scientists’... shouldn’t there be a story about who ‘we’ are, why we’re doing this, why we’re credible, etc.?

Also, ‘all-in-one digestive reset’ is not how we’re positioning the product on the main web site… maybe better to say ‘we’ve created a full-spectrum / comprehensive nutritional supplement that can provide an all-in-one digestive reset…’

40 Ingredients Scientifically Chosen To Support Canine Gut Health!

Just a sprinkle on each meal can support your dog’s gut, reduce inflammation, and lengthen their youthful years.

Simply sprinkle over your dog’s food and they will eat it right up because it has a delicious natural bacon flavor!

Plus, Radiant Canine™ is free of artificial fillers and preservatives.

Each and every ingredient has been selected based on scientific research and is considered an approved ingredient by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (which develops guidelines for the sale and distribution of animal food and drug remedies in the United States).

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5 Super-Nutrients In Radiant Canine Can Put An End To Leaky Gut


Cellulose is a complex carbohydrate that is nearly impossible for a canine to digest. Yet it’s included as a binder or filler in many pet foods and found in their vegetables.

Bacillus Coagulants:

This specific species of probiotic can support the canine’s digestive system by influencing the balance of good and bad bacteria.Radiant Canine contains an essential digestive enzyme called cellulase that breaks down cellulose and helps your dog digest the key nutrients from plants.


This amino acid has been used for decades on humans to heal the lining of the digestive tract. And it coats the intestinal tract which serves as a protective barrier from harmful substances, like bacteria, parasites, chemicals, and other toxins.Radiant Canine contains an essential digestive enzyme called cellulase that breaks down cellulose and helps your dog digest the key nutrients from plants.


One of the main reasons this herb is so powerful is because of its anti-inflammatory properties. And this translates into relieving gut inflammation. Yet it’s even more popular for the longevity of canine’s hips and joints. Radiant Canine contains an essential digestive enzyme called cellulase that breaks down cellulose and helps your dog digest the key nutrients from plants.


Many vets suggest collagen as a powerful agent to support the gut lining and protect against gut permeability (leaky gut). Because it contains a large dose of glycine it can soothe an inflamed gut.

Radiant Canine Also Includes Ingredients To Lengthen Healthspan And Support Graceful Aging, Like CoQ10

But Don’t Take Our Word For It...

Carol Z

We can definitely see the difference in our girl. She seems happier and more energetic, and she's always had a nice coat but now it looks amazing!

Gina T

We're almost through our third jar and our two dogs (aged 11 and 13) are both moving better and looking great! I think they are even shedding less! I am usually wary about supplements advertised online, but I am thrilled that I took a leap of faith and tried this product. Thank you!

Scott G

Its been only two weeks and we have already seen results. I almost forgot how playful my dog used to be!

Feel Good About Your Purchase -- For Every Jar Sold, We Make A Donation To Feed Shelter Dogs

90 Day, 100%+ Money Back Guarantee

Canine Sciences backs every order with our 90 Day, Better Than 100% Money-Back satisfaction guarantee. Try Radiant Canine™ for up to 90 days. If you aren’t delighted with the results, just send back the empty jars for a full, no-hassle refund -- and, we will still make our donation to support shelter dogs, as we do for every order.

Do we also want to talk about bio availability?

This sounds conspiratorial

I don’t think we’ve made a compelling case for how/why manufacturers aren’t doing a good job providing these ingredients. Maybe talk about cost? Problems with high heat high pressure manufacturing and bioavailability?

What Will I Notice?

The very first thing you’ll notice is a change in your dog’s poop. Weeks, even days after using Radiant Canine it begins to soothe the digestive tract. Normalize tight junctions and reverse leaky gut.

So instead of the smelly and sometimes mushy, sticky poop, you’ll notice a milder odor and firmness after using Radiant Canine. This simply means IT’S WORKING!

See, it acts like a garbage disposal soaking up all the junk and removing it from their body. A natural daily cleanse for their whole body. While supporting their joints, skin, coat, mental acuity, and gut.

Plus it absorbs more nutrients along the way. So as the weeks go by you’ll begin to notice changes to their coat. Soft and shiny. Then a spike in their mood and energy.

Soon you’ll feel like they’re a whole new dog.

More energetic, more playful, healthier, and happier.

Neighbors and even strangers at the dog park will even start asking questions.

I’ve spent decades as a vet perfecting my protocols and Radiant Canine is an essential piece to every dog that walks into my practice.

I know this formula will impact 10s of thousands of dogs around the world.

And I’m confident that this will impact how healthy your dog is for years to come. So confident that I’m willing to lose my hard earned money to prove this works.

That means even if you use the whole bottle with no results, we’ll refund you every penny. There’s absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

So grab your online-exclusive offer to try Radiant Canine risk free by clicking the button below.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when my dog uses Radiant Canine?

Likely, in the first week of use, you’ll notice subtle changes to their coat and mood. They will sleep more deeply and digest foods better.

Over time, you will notice an improvement in digestion. This can eliminate “dog breath” and even the smell of their poop.

Aren’t These Ingredients Already In Kibble?

You may find a few of these ingredients in your dog’s kibble or canned food. Dog food manufacturers are required to include a minimum amount of certain vitamins or minerals.

Unfortunately, they often don’t include enough of these critical ingredients - or in many cases, they don’t include them at all!

One glance at the list of ingredients in Radiant Canine, compared to the nutrients included in commercial dog food, makes that pretty obvious. By weight, it’s nearly impossible to add enough of each ingredient to a food based product.

Do you have a guarantee?

The risk is on us! If you’re not satisfied with Radiant Canine within the first 90 days, simply return the jar(s) and we will refund every penny. That’s the 90-day money-back guarantee we extend to all our customers.

Where is this product made?

All our products, including Radiant Canine, are made in the USA at a GMP-certified FDA registered facility.

Is this only for seniors?

No. It’s appropriate for all adult dogs.

How long do you have to take this product in order to notice a difference?

Some of our dog parents notice changes within the first week. The changes in their furr and coat are the first things you will likely notice. And depending on the age of

Is this dairy-free?


Do I need to refrigerate it?


Is this product grain-free?