We are dedicated to improving the lives of dogs everywhere, and to strengthening the bonds between those dogs and their humans.  Our primary focus is on canine nutrition because we believe that is the foundation for a healthy life.  We also believe that the better we understand our dogs, the healthier and happier we all become.  Which is why we are pleased to provide great informational content - written by our own Dr. Edward Tuk!

50 Things You Can Do for your Dog's Health and Happiness


At Canine Sciences, we looove our dogs - and we know you do too.  And we all want our dogs to be healthy and happy!

We are very pleased to be the publisher of 50 Things You Can Do for Your Dog's Health and Happiness, written by our own award-winning veterinarian Dr. Edward Tuk.

This easy-to-read compilation of tips and tricks is both informative and fun.  It contains wisdom that Dr. Tuk has accumulated over many years of being a veterinarian, and we are confident that you'll learn some great new ideas about keeping your dog healthy and happy! 

We are now offering (at a reduced price!) the downloadable version of this book, in standard PDF format for easy reading on your computer, Mac, iPad, mobile phone, or other device.  You'll receive a link to access the book after your purchase.

Happy reading!

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