Every order helps feed shelter dogs! Every order helps feed shelter dogs!

The right nutrition for your dog: the Good, the Bad, and the Yucky

The right nutrition for your dog: the Good, the Bad, and the Yucky

There are so many different dog foods on the market, and they all claim to be totally healthy and nutritious, with packages showing pictures of what looks like delicious premium ingredients.

But unfortunately, this is often just marketing. 

The commercial pet food industry in the United States was built on the back of the human food industry, with products designed for convenience and a long shelf life over the health of our dogs.  These foods undergo extreme processing that destroys the nutrition naturally present in its ingredients, and synthetic chemical supplements are added back in after cooking to meet minimum nutritional values.
These foods aren't just less nutritious for your dog - studies have shown, the chemicals and low-quality ingredients present in many commercial dog foods may increase the occurrence of common health issues like inflammation, bacterial infection, digestive upset, joint pain, and over the long term, even cancer and organ failure.

Simply put: our dogs deserve better.

So what can we, as consumers, do to make sure our dogs are getting healthy nutrition that doesn't just meet their minimum nutritional standards, but actually protects or improves their health?

There are two solutions I recommend to dog owners who share these concerns:

-Add a source of natural, raw nutrition to your dog's diet in the form of raw or only lightly processed natural foods: USDA certified meats, fruits and veggies purchased from your local market and prepared at home, or frozen or freeze-dried raw commercial dog diets

-Supplement your dog's regular diet with a natural, comprehensive multivitamin to boost nutritional intake

Supercharging your dog's diet with natural foods or vitamin supplements will not only improve their nutritional intake, it can even help fight the damage caused by low-quality foods!

For example, Canine Sciences' own Radiant Canine multivitamin supplement contains over 45 healthy, nutritious ingredients chosen to improve every area of your dog's health through good nutrition:
  • probiotics and digestive enzymes to reduce digestive upset and increase nutritional absorption
  • natural anti-oxidants that fight free radicals to improve immune health, protect organ function, and reduce the effects of aging
  • omega fatty acids associated with reduction in inflammation, and improvement of skin and coat health
  • joint health compounds that keep your dog's joints healthy, mobile, and pain-free as they age
...and a whole lot more!  Click here to check it out for yourself, risk-free!